Fire Detection and Alarm Systems
Fire Detection & Alarm Systems​

Fire Detection & Alarm Systems

Automatic fire detection and alarm systems are the first lines of defence in most commercial and residential properties in WA. Consisting of various sensors and connected to monitoring equipment, detection and alarm systems can alert occupants and external fire services of the danger at hand. These alerts may be in the form of sound alarms using a building’s intercommunication systems as well as visual indications. They also control prevention measures such as activating fire doors and sprinklers or shutting off air conditioning systems. These actions are crucial in reducing the risk of loss of life and asset/building loss.

A central part of the fire detection system is the Fire Indicator Panel. This electronic control indicating equipment receives information from the sensors throughout the building and can identify which areas are exposed to the fire hazard. This is displayed and indicated on the panel, which is used by emergency services to specify the fire’s location and devise their strategy to extinguish it. The information displayed on the Fire Indicator Panel also assists FireShield in rectifying system issues and during maintenance testing.

The time between the outbreak of a fire and the commencement of fire fighting is recognised as the most important factor in controlling the extent of fire damage. Ensuring your alarm and monitoring systems are in good working order can make a significant difference to the speed at which emergency services are able to respond to the fire hazard.

FireShield Services carry out regular fire alarm and fire panel testing and servicing in accordance with the AS1851. We will also update your fire alarm logbook and report on any issues that are found during our tests. If maintenance is required, we will offer a quote to get the equipment up to standard.

Don’t task this important job to anyone less than an expert in fire prevention services.

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